18 and 20 year old dating

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If you're trying to make decisions for someone who, in the eyes of the law, is a legal adult capable of making their own decisions, then you're being overprotective. When I found it, he told me that the 30 year met her when she was actually 17.He was with his girlfriend at the time, messing around on her for the now 18 year old girl.

just as you probably wouldn't want someone to interfere in your own personal matters. She actually has real feelings for my boy, but she is emotionally unstable.

However, she started having feelings with one of my homeboys, who is a great guy and much younger at the age of 21. I feel the same way, she keeps saying that age is nothing but a number which I understand, but she never been in a relationship before and has no dating experience.

21 year old guy taught her many things and developed something special in 6 months but one day she just wasnt interested anymore and called that something special with the 21 year old guy a mistake, because she claimed that the 30 year old is her first are your comments on this one? She is pretty mature for her age, but lacks maturity in dating.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. This girl I know is 18 years old and is a great person and she is smart, intelligent, and genuine.

This 30 year old guy is falling for this girl and it just don't feel right.

This guy is pretty unstable, working about 3 jobs, and he rarely talks to her.

What kills me is that she feels that this guy is her soul mate and that he is the one for her. because now you've changed the scenario so that she's not a legal adult.She basically had herself a great man in front of her and is willing to throw it all away.She even called her time with the 21 year old guy a "MISTAKE".Im trying to help my homeboy out right now.sorry for the loss for your friend, its better in the long run he seen her true colors, screw her I'd say... I feel for my boy, because he was a great guy, who was open, diverse, and taught her things nobody else taught her about life and dating, and love.I think the age difference between 18 and 30 years old is completey wrong... She fell in love with the 21 year old, and he loves her but she doesnt want to give it a chance to let it work, instead she has this infatuation over this 30 year old guy who she calls her soul mate.It's one thing to express concern, but if you push too hard it's going to be perceived as meddling, which only causes resentment and shuts the other parties off to any advice you might render.

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