20 questions to ask a girl before dating

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20 questions to ask a girl before dating - Landtinking

What you really want is the ability to come up with your own meaningful questions and weave them into the conversation organically. Rather than trying to memorize them, ask yourself why they’re good questions, and how you might be able to adapt them in specific conversations.

Questions that avoid the conversational boxes that turn a fun opportunity into a dull exchange.

As a result, she’ll associate the elevated mood she experiences with talking to you. You’re also getting a small window into her overall life by asking her what the best part of her week is.

You’ll learn a lot from what she chooses to tell you about.

More than that, you need to know what makes a question good, so you can come up with your own questions spontaneously, effectively, in the moment.

Questions that give you meaningful information, show genuine interest, and allow you to be authentic and open.

Which is why having some solid, standard questions handy can make it much easier to build and deepen a connection.

But having prepared questions raises another issue.And finally, she probably doesn’t want to talk about work.Compare that with “what was the best part of your week?There’s nothing wrong with having two or three fall-back questions to use as training wheels when you’re starting out.But you don’t want her to feel like you’re just firing a bunch of canned interview questions at her, because that usually creates an inauthentic, stressful exchange. The questions below are great examples to start, but they’re just that — examples. I get it — it can be really hard to know how to break the ice and start a conversation.

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