Accommodating foreign language

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let employees and co-workers know if you feel excluded from conversations because they are not speaking a language that the rest of the group understands.Sometimes people are unaware of the impact that this may have on morale and productivity as well as their self-image.

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Organization membership is open to anyone in the Ramstein area who has already been accepted into LEAP or is willing to learn a foreign language, he said.How do you promote inclusion in a workplace where employees are speaking a multiple of languages? Most companies will agree that when it comes to an emergency or health and safety, speaking a foreign language is necessary. Instead, have a discussion with employees about under what circumstances they think are reasonable.LEAP participants could gain improvement in reading and listening proficiency on the Defense Language Proficiency Test and increases in self-assessed speaking proficiency.” KMC LEAP holds meetings quarterly.Members are willing to assist Airmen who are interested in LEAP with the application process and any other questions they might have, Sookmeewiriya added. Mumbi Ngugi, 86th Medical Squadron physician assistant.“Don’t let your attained language go to waste,” said Sookmeewiriya.

“The Air Force has many current and future needs for multi-lingual Airmen to assist with various Air Force missions.

encourage people in a supportive way to speak English even if they have a language barrier. make rigid statements about English only in the workplace as it could backfire.

The tips below will help you to create an understanding of what are respectful language policies. Sometimes employees may use their first language for communication because they feel self-conscious about their grammar and pronunciation or the negative reaction they receive from English speakers.

“The Air Force is all over the world, and in the medical field we have to be very sensitive to people’s cultures,” Ngugi said.

“When I joined LEAP I told them I’ve always believed in respecting and learning about other cultures. It exposes you to other cultures and helps you get better at accommodating others.” While Sookmeewiriya and Ngugi come from two very different backgrounds, they both believe that the Air Force’s ability to understand people wherever they go is vital to mission accomplishment.

S Air Force specialties with working level foreign language proficiency that can meet Air Force global mission requirements,” said Staff Sgt.