Accomodating the whole darn world

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Accomodating the whole darn world

Inspirations are Jamie Lannister and Ser Gregor Clegane. The Vagabond always has some jobs on the go and a crew of men and women to help him get it done.

The Player - A master of the courtly intrigures, the players move people around like chess pieces. I basically assembled this playbook to allow other playbooks to take a move or two from it to accommodate any supernatural abilities they might want to take.Now, I think, would be a good time for the Wizarding World to slowly re-emerge, and rejoin their muggle brethren.I think the need each other more than either side would care to admit. Whether or not that means it would have finally been revealed to the truth, that I cannot say, but I feel we can surmise that much.* I don't think that is what Voldemort intended to do...never appeared to be a person who would enslave the entire non-magical community for that would be more trouble than boon.I would also like to thank Joe Mcdaldno and Vincent Baker for their amazing games which has directly given me the tools I've needed to make this hack.I hope they both appreciate my passion for this project and that I have their blessings in displaying it here. I welcome any advice, comments or constructive criticisms. Inspirations include any Septons we've seen, The Damphair and Mellisandre.

The Knight - much like The Driver from AW, the knight gains a signifigant bonus when on horseback.

Rather than restrict the various priesthoods to individal playbooks I combined them all into this one.

Shepherds who want more of a supernatual edge can take some moves from The Mystic to really compliment their abilities.

I worry a little about giving a PC that sort of power, but it's also ALOT of responsibility too so I hope it evens out. Inspirations include Bronn and Ser Sandor Clegane The Knight - A mounted warrior with a troop of warriors at his command.

Inspirations are Eddard Stark and Tywin Lannister The Courtier - Meant to be of Noble birth, they are a master of manipulation and seduction, the Courtier has a lot of moves to support this. Inspirations are Cersei Lannister and Tyrion Lannister The Man-at-arms - A direct and deadly warrior. A Chopper parallel, the Knight has loads of effective gear, a "gang" of men from 50-100 men-at-arms to throw around.

Cool= Focus, Hard=Edge, Sharp=Sense, Hot=Grace, and Weird=Wise The playbooks I have written up so far are; The Lord - Hardholder type.