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He replaces his lost leg with a robotic leg he prepared with Dirk's help and starts the game.

It is revealed by Calliope to be the most active class, and reserved for male players.

By having Calliope's dream self assassinated by Jack Noir he prematurely takes full control of their shared body.

He then chews off his still shackled leg, as only Calliope would have been able to open said shackle, losing a tooth in the process.

created four years prior to this point in the story.

John appears on his room and Caliborn ignores his initial bids for attention as he gives the OC flashing colored eyes.

) Jake English - Patronee Andrew Hussie - Guide Lil Cal - Juju, host body, and best friend Jack Noir - Best Friend, Possessee Caliborn is the mentioned "brother" Calliope is working with, and is generally an antithesis of her.

He is very rude and ornery (which contrasts Calliope's politeness).

Irked by this, Caliborn fills the game cartridge with special stardust, which causes large portions of the A6A6 intermissions to be filled with tangible glitchy artifacts.

In the next installment the four female kids appear in Alpha Male's room, at which point they go adventuring on Land of Someone's Handicrafts I Took (LOSHIT).

John, having zapped into said story, becomes infuriated with Caliborn's mocking and terrible writing and lashes out at the bogus surroundings, before being buried under a pile of Alpha Males.

Later Caliborn (parallel to the end of a real year long hiatus) and notifies us that he has begun to "master" the artform of manga.

They have contact with the alpha kids via a terminal.

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