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There were things it loved, things it hated, ways of being and acting that met with approval and disapproval in the group.In fact, it codified its value system in a series of “rules”.

And of course, it’s relevant to note here the themes of itself, a film about a male collective that regains its masculinity through extreme acts after it has been debased by modern corporate culture.

Like everything it did, these were constructed piecemeal from pop culture.

Rule #1 was taken from vibe to them, that is to say, they were very obviously created by a bullying and anarchic society of adolescent boys — or at least, men with the mindset of boys — particularly lonely, sex starved man-boys, who according to their own frequent jokes about the subject, lived in their parents’ basement.

This past week, there were riots at Berkeley in the wake of the scheduled lecture by their most prominent supporter, Milo Yiannopoulos.

The week before that neo-Nazi Richard Spencer pointed to his 4chan inspired Pepe the Frog pin, about to explain the significance when an anti-fascist protester punched him in the face.

On all those millions upon millions of posts the author’s name was simply, “Anonymous”. In other words, the site left a profound impression on how we as a culture behave and interact.

In 2008, I wrote the site’s teenage founder, Poole, whose contact was at the top of the site, asking for an interview. Then I saw 4chan was meeting, not in Baltimore, but a few blocks from my apartment in New York, in fact, in many cities around the world.

I had an account at Something Awful, which I used sometimes to post in threads about my comic.4chan had been created by a 15 year old Something Awful user named Christopher Poole (whose 4chan mod name was “moot”).

Poole had adapted a type of Japanese bulletin board software which was difficult to understand at first, but once learned, was far more fun to post in than the traditional American format used by S.

The rules, like everything else, were always half in jest.

Everything had to be a done with at least a twinkle of winking irony.

And indeed it did try its mightiest to be nihilistic, to hate, to deny, to shrug, to laugh off everything as a joke like all teenage boys do (the board was mostly young men). The attempts to be “random”, like a Rorschach test, painted a portrait of exactly who they were, the voids filled in with their identity, their interests, their tastes.

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