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Obviously not all pre-1977 penny arcade games are covered here, but I will update this guide as more pictures and information becomes available.

The earliest fortune teller models were made by the Mills Novelty Company.(Especially TOP6 which covers EM arcade game repair.) Arcade Games I am Looking For.I am especially interest in any fortune tellers, Sega EM arcade games, or any Genco arcade games.Some 1970s arcade games do have electronic sound boards.Those are Ok too, just they can't have a video screen of any kind!Our motto is: "Trustworthy Reviews and Recognized Rankings for a Variety of Adult Web Sites".

As a service provider to both adult internet users and adult website operators, we offer honest and unbiased reviews and trustworthy ranking scores for adult entertainment websites.We do our best to help webmasters by offering the best information to users, and offering the best marketing opportunities to adult sites. (It costs money to provide this information.) Donations are being accepted, please see Pin for details, and/or please purchase the This Old Pinball repair instructional videos.This document only pertains to games that used mechanical and electro-mechanical devises to created their game play.I personally find these games to be extremely interesting, as the designers came up with some amazing games without using much more than relays and switches, and their imagination and ingenuity.Pretty much any penny arcade game up to the video game era (pre-1977).

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