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If they did something wrong, they must be shielded from exposure to the public they are hired to protect.

The poor IRS people in the field suffered because of budget cutbacks. It is not the people who wrote the memo and released the info.5.That Andrew Mc Cabe, then the second in command at the FBI, told a Congressional committee there would have been no FISA submittal without the dossier.There were no “sources and methods” as maliciously stated by Adam Schiff (D-CA) who is the minority leader on the Intelligence committee.That members of an opposing political party would behave so demonstrably negative in front of the 45 million Americans (at the State of the Union address) means they don’t even care to put on a reasonable face. If Putin wanted to think of a scheme to disrupt our country, he could have never dreamt of something so nefarious.Watching the Democrats sit in the House Chamber like they did should sadden any American. Of course, this would not even be a discussion if she would have won.One of the big revelations supposedly is that the investigation did not begin with the dossier; it began with George Papadopoulos.

Even David French of the National Review wrote a column about this. The dossier was supposedly started by a Republican (Paul Singer) during the primaries as he hired Fusion GPS to investigate Trump.

In a world-class act of puffery, he asserts some story to the ambassador who then takes that to the FBI.

If our FBI started an investigation into a presidential campaign based on this then we have more serious problems than we thought.

Here is the lie there – whatever was paid for by Singer was his work product not part of the Steele dossier.

Once Trump won the nomination and the Democrats in their devious way (through a couple of layers to hide who was the actual customer) engaged Fusion GPS, it would have been highly unethical for the company to turn over the work product of one customer to another. This dossier started all over and that is why they engaged Steele to gin up this Russian story.2.

The New York Times whipped it up again to defer from the focus on the President at Davos – a story about nothing from seven months ago that had not been acted upon and to the contrary Trump had cooperated for seven months after that with Mueller.