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“It’s a huge business opportunity, and it’s also a universal need,” he said.

The robot, named Mabu, is designed to better connect seniors with their health care providers so that key changes in their conditions get reported daily instead of waiting three to six months for a visit to the doctor, said Catalia CEO Cory Kidd.“They’ll just have to ask for what they want.” Retail giant Best Buy has created a special unit, called Assured Living, to evaluate how smart-home technologies can be useful for seniors, or their adult children who are looking for ways to assist and monitor their aging parents.The unit has found older adults are most interested in gadgets like doorbell cameras, smart locks and smart thermostats, but also bed, chair and motion sensors that could send loved ones or caregivers notices for events such as if they slipped on the stairs or in the bathroom, or for significant variances in their daily routines.According to an email from Assured Living team members, “We’ve had ‘younger’ seniors tell us they want to start using this smart technology while they’re active, so they become adept with it because they suspect it may be harder for them to adapt 10 or 20 years from now.” But the high prices, numerous available options and fear of security breaches are barriers that keep seniors from widely adopting the devices.Brookdale Senior Living, a Tennessee firm which operates assisted, independent and skilled-nursing services for seniors around the country, has tested devices like the Elli Q robot to see which are most helpful.’” said Sardis, who became an early tester after learning about the Tel Aviv startup while researching robots.

The Elli Q, which is still undergoing testing and won’t be available until sometime next year, isn’t alone.

But Sardis said he hasn’t been able to persuade her to say, “Read my book.” That’s why he believes robots like the Elli Q could help since it’s programmed to know more about its owners and, depending on their needs, proactively prompt them to get exercise.

“Maybe Elli Q would say, ‘Would you like me to read you the book now?

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Sardis hasn’t been shy about experimenting in his own home, installing an Amazon Echo smart speaker to help control his lights.