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Longer estimates of coal production and imports are available for some of the earliest industrial nations; records of SO pollution—began much earlier than this.Second, we can see that in the majority of countries the exposure to PM 2.5 is declining.All countries below the 45° degree line, which are colored blue in the visual, experienced a decline in particulate matter exposure.The data entry for indoor pollution can be found here.Air pollution can be defined as the emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere.The visual shows the exposure in 1990 and 25 years later.

You can also explore these trends through time, by country, in the interactive visualisation below.This broad definition therefore encapsulates a number of pollutants, including:) and other greenhouse gases are not typically considered within this category and are treated separately on Our World In Data.Disentangling the specific air pollutants—and clearly attributing them to a specific health or environmental outcome—can be complex since some pollutants act as pre-cursors to others.Air pollution arises in various forms, providing a number of parameters with which we could measure and track change through time.Long-term historical data on pollution can be difficult to reconstruct or estimate—for many pollutants, our global data range is limited to the last few decades.Europe was first to see a rapid rise in sulphur pollution, followed closely by North America in the mid-19 century, per capita emissions from Asia and Africa were, and still are, small relative to Europe and North America.