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All of the action in their script is based upon real incidents which occurrd to Dolly in the course of her life.

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Astonishingly, there are unsettingly signs that it may continue to some extent even today!

Other roadblocks to Dolly's quest include a real-life rising political star, Abe Ruef, who first mentors and then betrays Dolly.

We also meet a good guy, attorney Henry Monroe, who is well-bent but has a difficult time making the law work.

To Dolly's surprise, the legal establishment of San Francisco won't help her.

Following the true happenings, the desperate Dolly strides into Duc's lair to confront the kingpin himself but she is thrown into one of the 'hospitals' - the filthy hovels where cast-off girls are left to die.

The screenplay depicts how she and police captain Jack Manson fight a ruthless matrix of San Francisco gangs and business people in order to stop the underground slave trade of Chinese girls.

We watch as Dolly risks her life and reputation as she fights courts and irate 'husbands' who hold contracts on the girls.

It amasses wealth by kidnapping or buying girls from China and shipping them in crates marked as Chinatown-Fragile.

The girls are then auctioned into 'cribs,' where most die by the time they reach 17-19, from the abuse.

On one side she looks up at Nob Hill, where the rich people with their new horseless carriages live, while in the other direction is the back alleys where the girls are sold at auction like cattle, with bills of sale supported by the U. But his idea of working through the system to help these victims doesn't jive with the young woman, Dolly, who is not afraid to knock down doors, dreses like men in disguise, and once leaps through a skylight to confront the Tong itself.

We meet another real-life character, her nemesis, the fearsome Wong She Duc, who commands the most powerful Tong in the city.

Bob said that when he first heard the basics of this story, he called several museums and historical libraries in San Francisco and collected every piece of information they had on the real woman, Donaldina "Dolly" Cameron, mostly collections of old newspaper articles.

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