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It wouldn't be a surprise if the 49ers auction off their pick to quarterback-needy teams this year.

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Team sources in San Francisco have told me all year long that Penn State running back Saquon Barkley is a rare prospect.

Of course, I heard the same comments last year regarding Leonard Fournette, and they bypassed the chance to draft him in favor of defensive lineman Solomon Thomas.

Let me start this one off by saying the information from Cleveland should be taken with a grain of salt because I expect the coaches and much (if not all) of the front office to be fired.

It doesn't matter who executive vice president Sashi Brown or head coach Hue Jackson like in December if they won't be making the pick in April.

(The Colts selected Ohio State safety Malik Hooker.) Maybe it's too easy to connect the dots and think Ballard will love the pass-rushing talent in this year's crop.

Bradley Chubb is the top-ranked EDGE on my board, and he seems like the perfect fit for the no-nonsense Ballard.Cameron Meredith looks like Chicago's best receiver coming back from injury next year, which means wide receiver is also the team's biggest need.Sources in the Chicago scouting staff have told me the team is all about Calvin Ridley from Alabama, but no wide receiver is ranked highly enough on my board to be selected in the top 10.The 49ers like Barkley, but do they like him enough to pull the trigger at No. The more likely scenario is the 49ers attempting to trade down again this year.Last April, they moved back one spot and allowed the Chicago Bears to draft Mitchell Trubisky.For the Giants, an offseason of starting over seems inevitable.