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Summary: Googie Rene (Kenan Thompson) sells bridal gowns at a discount because his inventory comes complete with stains.Note: This sketch was cut from the dress rehearsal for the episode hosted by Michael Phelps.

See for yourself: Still, offensive or not, that sketch was infinitely better than the two remaining one.

(Though Taran Killam is quickly climbing the ranks.) Faris was all but forgotten in the “Ortiz” skit, but they let her get some real screen time in the Lifetime game show “What’s Wrong With Tanya? ”) Check it out: I admit I was filled with a small sense of dread when the logo for the Digital Short popped up.

” The show takes moms from those so-bad-they’re-great Lifetime movies — in which soft lighting, cheesy dialogue, and pastel vests reign supreme — and gets them to try to figure out what’s wrong with their troubled youth. “A Volvo filled with groceries.” While the sketch had its moments (Faris’ competitors pretending to rake leaves while she competed in the lightning round), for a bit in which the ladies should have ruled, that pesky Hader went and stole their thunder as a host/scary Lifetime movie husband. Andy Samberg’s once-fresh and instantly-viral sensations have fallen flat so far this season.

Travel writer Judy Grimes (Kristen Wiig) still counters her nervousness by constantly kidding around.

Transcript Summary: A trio of strippers (Anna Faris, Kristen Wiig, Casey Wilson) are opposed to closing off the Champagne Room simply because the Wall Street bailout crisis will prevent their regular clients from being able to afford their services.

But didn’t do New York, nor its host Anna Faris, much justice at all last night.

Heck, a Canuck by the name of Drake pretty much took over the whole thing.In the first, Faris brings home a strange boyfriend named Wyndemere (played by Paul Brittain), who is more or less the bizarre “Berries and Cream” guy. Then there’s the utterly dumbfounding finale, in which Faris (who could be seen looking at the cue cards throughout) and Wiig played (presumably) Jersey girls who swoon over the 2012 Ferrari calendar. Transcript Summary: Dimwitted Mary (Anna Faris) is enamored by her new boyfriend (Kenan Thompson) during their musical midnight boat ride, until she realizes he might just be a hit man assigned to kill her.Transcript Summary: Former President Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) can't quite bring himself to endorse Barack Obama.) bit with his cheating husband character, who looked like a deranged Jim Carrey.

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