Are charlyne yi and michael cera actually dating

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Are charlyne yi and michael cera actually dating - updating gears of war

However the nature of the content allows for the blasé aesthetics to seem purposeful rather than limiting, adding another layer of pseudo-reality to the proceedings.

The DVD also boasts a slew of special features including: Paper Heart Uncut (7 minutes) The Making of Paper Heart (11 minutes) Live Musical Performances (6 minutes) Music Video (2 minutes) Love Interviews (26 minutes) Deleted Scenes (31 minutes) And Trailers The first two featurettes are basically for fans only. It shows some of the fictional elements and some of the real elements which help to dissect the film if that angle interests you. They feature a bunch of hip comedians bouncing off of Yi and telling stories about their first loves.

In an updated response, however, Cross is now arguing that whatever he said to Yi was based on an “a–hole racist redneck character” he’d often play, and that she “did not understand” he was doing his “welcome to Shreveport” greeting while the cast of a film was meeting each other on set in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Further, Cross said Yi was the girlfriend of his friend “Michael” at the time and that Yi’s former significant other never mentioned the incident to him.

Too, the interviews with stories about true love appear to be legit, even as the stories the people tell seem to be bigger than life.

By this point you’re either on the Michael Cera bandwagon or you’re not.

The multimedia switcheroos, interviews, scripted scenes, and animations come together to create a movie that works to not just suspend one’s disbelief, but to entirely expel it.

I was bored stiff by the likes of uses many of the typical conceits of found footage movies to vastly superior effect.Her timing is sharp and her performance is actually very well studied.Too, as the film’s co-writer she demonstrates ample talent for creating meta narratives that at times remind one of a lo-fi Charlie Kaufman, even if they never reach his heady heights.Not only is this movie sweet and funny, it’s also fascinating on a technical level, and in modern comedy, that’s sort of a miracle.THE DVD The DVD transfer is crisp and clear, the audio was never muffled, even during the man on the street interviews.(Cross and Michael Cera filmed 2009’s as themselves.) “I had NO IDEA that [Yi] was upset or I would’ve apologized to both her and Michael,” Cross explained.