Asp net gridview rowupdating textbox

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Asp net gridview rowupdating textbox - asian dating mail

In the Examining the Events Associated with Inserting, Updating, and Deleting tutorial we created a page that listed the names and prices of the products in an editable Grid View.

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To help ensure that a user's inputs are valid, ASP.

If a user makes a data entry mistake - such as omitting the (such as -50) an exception will be raised from within the depths of the application architecture.

While this exception can be gracefully handled as demonstrated in the previous tutorial, ideally the editing or inserting user interface would include validation controls to prevent a user from entering such invalid data in the first place.

In particular, our validation logic will: in action).

To add validation controls to the editing and inserting interfaces, the Bound Fields used by the Details View and Grid View controls need to be converted into Template Fields.

Figure 3: Convert Each of the Details View's and Grid View's Bound Fields Into Template Fields (Click to view full-size image) Converting a Bound Field into a Template Field through the Fields dialog box generates a Template Field that exhibits the same read-only, editing, and inserting interfaces as the Bound Field itself.

The following markup shows the declarative syntax for the By clicking the "Convert this field into a Template Field," Visual Studio has created a Template Field whose templates mimic the user interface of the converted Bound Field.Likewise, Check Box Fields, which are disabled in the standard, read-only interface, are converted into enabled checkboxes in the editing and inserting interfaces.While the default editing and inserting interfaces for the Bound Field and Check Box Field can be helpful, the interface lacks any sort of validation.This was a requirement for which I researched a lot and tested on multiple browsers and devices. The Grid View and Details View controls in the examples we've explored over the past three tutorials have all been composed of Bound Fields and Check Box Fields (the field types automatically added by Visual Studio when binding a Grid View or Details View to a data source control through the smart tag).NET 2.0 has added a number of improvements, the main two being client-side script support for browsers other than Internet Explorer and the ability to partition validation controls on a page into validation groups. To accomplish this, click on the Edit Templates link from the Grid View's smart tag to bring up the template editing interface.

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