Bbb dating site

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Bbb dating site

Businesses that are voluntarily going through the rigorous accreditation process tend to be legitimate, reputable and reliable.The organization's seal of approval enables them to enjoy a higher level of consumer confidence.

when i offered her other chat rooms or even facebook, this sight blocked it out.all i could do was chat and keep getting charged for it.i believe this is not a ligitmate dating web sight but a scam just to suck someone like me and anyone else, who probably resides in the ukraine or somewhere getting money from poor suckers like me and others.Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.I happen to join a dating service called victoria brides advertising about meeting woman from the ukraine. all of a sudden all these beautiful pictures of all these woman came flooding in.We're proud to list only legitimate websites of BBB accredited companies and services in a variety of consumer, business and financial related categories.

For over 100 years, the BBB has been widely recognized as a guiding authority on ethical business practices and trust in the marketplace.

I enjoyed chatting with this woman and then a charge comes in where I have to buy more credits.

after about a cost of nearly 0.00 from my bank card, my bank became suspicious and called me asking about all this expensive activity.

i picked one I was intersted in around my age and we began to chat on a chat room.

in fact, all victoria brides offer is chat room and e-mail.

eventually i just had to drop out and let everything go as is.