Beer can dating

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Beer can dating

Owned by "Sklrna a minipivovar Novosad & syn Harrachov s.r.o.". Tel: 569 495 111 Fax: 569 428 675 Email: [email protected]: 1834 Annual production: 167,000 hl.

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I suppose that means it's packed with conical fermenters (it turns out they actually still have open fermenters).

Pale yellow colour, little head: pepper, resin and pine aroma; bitter taste with pepper, butter, resin and pine aromas; bitter finish with pepper, spice, butter and resin. Tel: 0311 - 679 592 Fax: 0311 - 670075 Email: [email protected]: Founded: 1992 Annual production: 260 hl (2002), 387 hl (2003) Microbrewery.

A subsidiary of Plzesk Prazdroj (owned by SABMiller). It's a matter of philosophical debate as to whether Prazdroj and Gambrinus count as separate breweries - the sites are "adjacent" and under common ownership. Tel: 0481 528 141 Fax: 0481 528 148 Email: [email protected]: 2002 Annual production: 5,000 hl (capacity) Brewpub in a glassworks.

Very pale yellow with a thick, uneven head; grass and boiled sweet aroma; bitterish/sweetish taste with apple and grass aromas; bitterish finish with metal, tobacco and grass aromas. It was, in 1802, the first brewery to use the term "Budweiser Bier". As can be seen by its various brand names, it's the third (and, sadly, a very distant one) brewery in the queue for the Budweiser name.

A bit thin and with an obvious pasteurised flavour. Even though the M칻ansk pivovar has the best claim of the three, being easily the oldest brewery.

Tel: 049 - 5593738 Fax: 049 - 5593738 Email: [email protected]: 1993 (brewing stopped in 2000 but restarted in 2001) Annual production: 118 hl. Tel: 567 - 564 111 Fax: 567 - 310 090 Email: [email protected]: Founded: 1860 Annual production: 85,850 hl (2002), 87,426 hl (2003) Indpendent brewery.

Yet another Czech brewery captivated by conical fermenters.One of the first Czech breweries to ruin their beers by switching to conical fermenters and top pressure. The old 12 lek was one of the classic Czech pale lagers. Near black colour with a dense tan head; roast, caramel and liquorice aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with roast, liquorice, cream, resin and pepper aromas; bitter finish with black chocolate, liquorice, cream, resin and pepper aromas. Tel: 068 - 5493111 Fax: 068 - 5441365 Email: [email protected]: Founded: 1893 Annual production: 340,000 hl.(1994), 214,000 hl (2002), 235,000 hl (2004) Independent brewery. In 1996 became part of Moravskoslezsk pivovary Perov a.s.,which was renamed PMS a.s. The beers called "P-pivo" are brewed with something called "Bio Control Systm". Reading the brewer's description of it left me none the wiser (and not just because of my dodgy Czech language skills).It has everything - loads of dark malt flavours and spicy hops. Here's the brewery's production over time: Vysok Chlumec, 262 52 Vysok Chlumec.Golden colour with a fine head; pepper, yeast, basil and mint aroma; bitterish taste with pepper, cream, pine, yeast and basil; bitter finish with pepper, pine, cream, wood and grass aromas. Only the Czechs and Franconians can brew lager like this. A dark lager with a flavour profile somewhere between a Schwarzbier and Porter. Since 2001 Moortgat (The Belgian brewer of Duvel) has been a "strategic partner". Tel: 420 38 - 770 5111,731 1167 Fax: 420 38 - 731 1135 Email: [email protected]: 1895 Annual production: 1,112,000 hl. Tel: 420 506 - 482411 Fax: 420 506 - 437201,437211 Email: [email protected]:. Founded: 1530 Annual production: 146,662 hl (2002), 152,806 hl. Here are some production figures from the past: 1925 61,783 hl. After nationlisation, the brewery was part of these groups: 1948-1952 Chebsko-karlovarsk pivovary n.p. Pale amber colour with a small head; caramel, perfume, nuts and malt extract aroma; sweet taste with perfume, caramel, grass and resin aromas; bitterish finish with wood, resin, caramel and grass aromas. Dark brown with a tan head; liquorice, roast and cream aroma; bitterish taste with coffee, hop, raisin and liquorice aromas; bitterish finish with sweet coffee aromas. Near black colour with a fine-beaded tan head; roast, chocolate and cream aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with black chocolate, liquorice, toffee, cream and resin aromas; bitter finish with coffee, roast, toffee, pepper and burnt aromas. They have their own floor maltings in Rajhrad by Brno. As is pushing crappy Stella at the expense of superior local brands. (2002), 12,558 hl (2003) Karoliny Svtl 4, 370 21 esk Budjovice. The beer seems to only be available from the brewery itself. Tel: 0184 - 794181 Fax: 0184 - 794183 Email: [email protected]: Founded: 1573 Annual production: 68,915 hl (2002), 68,168 hl (2003), 65,352 hl (2004) Independent family brewery, privatised in 1992. The castle was nationalised in 1948 and the brewery closed in 1955. The beers are brewed using directly fired vessels, are filtered through straw, fermented in open wooden vessels and lagered in oak barrels. Opening times: Mon - Sun - Amber unfiltered lager.

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