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We invite business leaders and designers to join us on the 29th of March at a conference focusing on how design methods and storytelling can build strong brands.

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Public Capacity is a startup company looking to make real changes in our society. How do you create a brand that your customers and employees can feel and build a relation to?

At Re:discover, we entered the chaotic jungle of insights and focused on the benefits of basing your brand development and innovation on qualitative thick data.

Sources for innovation is found in the corners of the ...

Investors are breathing new life into the well known Danish developer brand Pihl & Son which went bankrupt in 2013.

Now owner and board member of LM BYG, Carsten Mindegaard, has teamed up with an investor and bought the intellectual property rights from the bankruptcy estate. Why is it that business leaders tend to rely more on survey data than on thick data?

On Monday the Danish Design Awards were presented by the directors of Design denmark and Danish Design Center along with His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and several Danish Ministers at the Confederation of Danish Industry.

As members of Design denmark, we were participating ...The Danish Ministry of Culture is the official host and the purpose of the meeting i ...When parents are out of work and their children don’t go to school, both the family and society suffers.Please notice the new date for the event: November 22.How do you transform purpose from buzzword into a powerful strategic tool?Facebook is an important branding tool because of its social nature where dialogue and engagement are the key words.