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The Southern chef, whose career took a major hit two years ago after she admitted using the N-word (during a lawsuit at the time), is again in a racial controversy.In her latest instance of uncomfortable humor, Deen posted the shot to Facebook and Twitter with the caption, “Lucyyyyyyy! #Transformation Tuesday,” and Bobby’s face painted a light shade of brown to resemble the Ricky Ricardo character (played by late Cuban-American legend Desi Arnaz on the TV classic).

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Some recipes, such as a basic cole slaw, require little preparation, and more involved recipes like Crab Corn Cakes with Basil-Jalapeno Sauce are still relatively easy to prepare.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Racist Rants On her Facebook page, Deen added, “We had so much fun on this episode, y’all.” Naturally, the inappropriate posts — with obvious parallels to blackface minstrel shows — brought instant feedback, and were quickly scrubbed from both accounts, though the viral damage had already been done.

Radar has been on the forefront reporting revelations linked to Deen’s downfall dating more than three years back, from the initial accusations of her bigoted statements; to her grovel-filled, inept handling of the career crisis; to the multiple race-based snafus that have occurred even AFTER the damage was done.

“These are all recipes that have meant a lot to my family,” says Deen.

“I'd never call myself a chef, but I love to cook, and these are recipes that taste good.”Deen says that the book is more than a compilation of recipes. “They'll learn how we live our life and how we spend our time.” (Steve Helling, Great Ideas People, 9/19/13)Every recipe in this book has a history, many dating back generations in the Deen or Hiers families.

PHOTOS: Home Free — Paula Deen Selling Savannah Estate — Fried Twinkies Not Included!

Last year alone, Deen’s son Jamie called one black employee by the inappropriate nickname of “Jellyroll”, while ads for a Savannah, Ga.

My dietary life has changed as well as my cooking life now." (Andrea Weigl [Raleigh, NC] News & Observer, 9/24/13)Deen's philosophy that families should share dinnertime is at the core of his first solo cookbook, “Jamie Deen's Good Food: Cooking Up a Storm with Delicious, Family-Friendly Recipes.” Deen said that he believes quality time in the kitchen with his family is an important part of life.

Deen grew up cooking with his mother, the iconic Queen of Cooking Paula Deen, and his brother, Bobby Deen, and now shares that tradition with his own wife and kids.

The book's focus on specific locales and their dishes elevates it a step above most of its type; instead of offering a basic recipe for grits, for example, the Deens offer a twist: two ounces of goat cheese.

Traditional thumbprint cookies benefit from ground pecans incorporated into dough which is then rolled in chopped pecans; and corn bread is greatly enhanced by the chopped bacon and sautéed apples folded into the batter.

The recipes in this book are sure to become the ones my grandbabies will pass down to their children.

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