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Earlier this year, Reliance Jio had announced the Jio Phone that promised to bring the conveniences of a modern smartphone to the feature phone-crowd for a relatively affordable price.That seemed like a tall claim, especially after Nokia’s reincarnated 3310 with standard feature phone features was out of reach for most of the intended crowd segment.

It’s very rare to put a phone’s keyboard under the magnifying glass these days as all of them pop-up on a smartphone’s touch display.Nevertheless, people enjoyed those phones as they never had to worry about the pesky stuff such as software updates and compatibility as well as the concerns of carrying an additional power bank to keep the device juiced up.The newer generation of phones simply doesn't give those thrills.The display doesn’t have wide viewing angles, it renders washed out colours and makes some elements of the UI appear heavily pixelated.But at Rs 1,500, you cannot expect super accurate AMOLED displays with life-like HDR colours.The navigation buttons also house certain shortcuts whereas the ‘OK’ button in the centre can be used either to turn on the flashlight or the ' Hello Jio' — a basic voice assistant app to make calls, send SMS, do Google search and certain other functions.

There’s also a shortcut for Jio Money as well as the My Jio app — features that a Jio Phone user will need frequently.Reliance says that the Jio Phone uses some sort of a 1GHz dual-core processor accompanied by 512MB RAM and 4GB of storage.Apart from these fundamental details, the Jio Phone is one of the very few ‘smart’ feature phones to sport Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC chip apart from Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity.The Jio Phone has a physical keypad from the yesteryear — a T9 keyboard.T9s are not convenient to type long texts and require a lot of key pressing compared to a standard QWERTY layout — the Jio Phone also needs a lot of physical input to type a sentence.Rating: If we have to define the features that make a perfect mobile phone in 2017, then we will have to use the following nouns — large ‘narrow-bezel’ AMOLED display, long-lasting battery, the latest software and a pair of great camera sensors.

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