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According to our reliable source, she bored a child via sperm donation.

“The best gift,” says actress Sharon Lawrence, “was this cool little bitty biker jacket for the baby.” It must have thrilled his motorcycle-riding mama, who made an Off-Broadway splash in 1994 with a one-woman show (titled, like her book, Wake Up, I’m Fat! The 1999 Emmy winner isn’t the only Practice star to become a mother this season: Actress Kelli Williams had a daughter last month.

While Manheim was initially rumored to have agreed to the shoot, only Brezovar appeared in the magazine. In 2007, just seven years after the book, Manheim was all over the news due to her dramatic weight loss.

In the published interview, neither Milo nor Manheim is mentioned and Brezovar only said that he was a sperm donor and that he provided sperm for a “celebrity mom.” The primetime Emmy award winning actress has dealt with weight issues for a long time. Rumors sparked, saying that she had gone through plastic surgery to achieve the weight.

Although it took a lot of time and effort to find a worthy apartment for Camryn, in the end, she did find a good house to live in.

The primetime Emmy Award winning actress Camryn Manheim is best known for her role on ABC’s The Practice and CBS’s Ghost Whisperer.

Both actresses’ pregnancies became onscreen plotlines—in March 12’s crossover episode on the hospital drama Gideon’s Crossing, Manheim’s character battled life-threatening complications.

With the all-important May sweeps episodes left to tape before summer hiatus, “we’re going to try to write her in just a little bit,” says Pamela Wisne, president of The Practice’s production company. We’re waiting to see how it’s going.” Manheim, who says she will raise Milo solo, told few friends the identity of the father.Even 15 years ago, Camryn Manheim had set herself a deadline. Manheim, she says, breezed through 15 hours of epidural-eased labor and 30 minutes of pushing with “a big smile on her face the whole time.“She used to say, ‘I’m going to have a baby before I’m 40, and I don’t care if there’s a man in my life or not,’ ” recalls a friend, photographer Jana Marcus. On March 6, two days before her 40th birthday, the unmarried star of ABC’s The Practice and the outspoken author of the autobiographical Wake Up, I’m Fat! I put the baby on her chest, and tears were flowing, and the first thing she said was, ‘I can’t believe how easy this was!Well, there you go, now you know the name of her child's logical father.Through, sperm insemination, she welcomed her first child, Milo Jacob, on Currently, the mother of one lives with her 16-years-old teenage son at her residence in New York City. Malia previously worked on the set of Extant, the mystery drama that starred Halle Berry.

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