Catholic boy dating jewish girl

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Catholic boy dating jewish girl - dating body language playing with hair

Sure, I shared my father's concerns about the survival of the Jewish people and, though it might sound stereotypical, was aware of the cultural differences between our Jewish family and his non-Jewish one. In my family we addressed our feelings openly; his tended to ignore uncomfortable issues, hoping they would just go away.Yet I still felt that our similarities outweighed our differences.

(Didn't she know that having an affair with a married man is a ?!

He had come to adore this young man and saw that we were happy together.

In the months that followed, friends and family were surprised at how well my father was "handling" our engagement.

One of the first things I said to him was, "How will I tell my dad?! " He believed that Jews were less likely to keep such secrets and commit such despicable acts.

" I had worked so hard to convince my father that this marriage would not bring disgrace upon myself, my family, or my people. Of course, plenty of Jews also withhold their feelings and cheat on their spouses.

He told me he was in love with the other woman and wanted a divorce. If there were cracks in our relationship, he had not communicated them to me.

In an instant my seven-year relationship and three-year marriage was over.

Recently I asked my dad if he still thought intermarriage was a .

Without hesitation he answered, "No." Yet I feel otherwise. I worry that I failed at the most important relationship in my life and will be judged by the Jewish community.

) But when I told my dad, his first and foremost concern was for my wellbeing.

To this day he and my mother have been extremely supportive of me, though occasionally my dad makes an "if only you would have listened to me…" statement, which pierces me to the core.

Through it all, my father and I had many long discussions on the subject of intermarriage.

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