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Through all those years, his primary attention focused on Veronica, the business came second.

In East Coast Slavers Organization - I: A Caribbean Adventure, Aaron is introduced just as he returns to the United States after a tour in the U. The Caribbean Adventure then kicks off with Aaron setting out on his own to Miami, Florida where he establishes an east coast franchise of his friend's slaving operation.

Aaron quickly discovers that various illegal enterprises present him an opportunity for acquiring stock (women), cash, and other enticements too good to pass up.

The windfall of millions of dollars and the easy acquisition of slaves leads to a reanalysis of his business ethics and personal morals.

As my draft approached seven hundred pages, I realized that the single story I envisioned starting with was too long and too complicated to remain a single story.

Then, to my further horror, I realized that A Caribbean Adventure was actually number two in the East Coast Slavers Organization Series.

Synopsis: This tale chronicles the adventures of Aaron Clarke, a budding slaver setting up a franchise operation in Miami, Florida.

Business and adventure literally fall his way as Aaron sets about creating identities, bases of operations, and a client base; all accomplished with the guidance of his partner Steve Austin.When Aaron and Steve met that night in Los Angeles, Aaron was thirty years old and stuck in a dead-end job working with his soon-to-be ex-father-in-law.Their not so great relationship had become a lot worse as Aaron's ugly divorce proceeded.Steve needed help on a rush revenge contract where a Philippine client wanted a nosy and libelous newspaper reporter captured, humiliated, and presented to him as a broken sex slave.The exhilarating adventure, the free access of women to satisfy any sexual craving, and the promises of riches tempted him to broke free of his boring existence.Anyhow, I have reassigned 'A Caribbean Adventure' to ECSO 2.

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