Chemistry not dating

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She met a guy who seemed like a good match on paper, they had a nice time together but there was no instant chemistry for her.

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After seeing this, she decided to go on a few more dates with this new guy.

Is there a magic number that tells you when it is time? Sex and oxytocin play an important role in relationships but can cause confusion when introduced too soon.

When you add sex into the mix, you produce a chemical called oxytocin, the bonding hormone. It is harder to be objective about this new person and potential relationship.

You have a tendency to keep going back to the initial feeling of this person being “the one.” There is a danger in not balance your initial attraction with the reality that unfolds.

You try to minimize what you are seeing or explain it away because you have already decided with your heart that this is the right person. Enjoy the feelings and attraction when they arise but also pay attention to your core values, your vision of the future, your relationship desires, and needs.

If you are attached to this initial judgment of this being “the one”, what happens when you start to notice red flags or things you do not really like about the person.

Maybe you start to notice values that are not in alignment with yours or behaviors you are not happy with.If it isn’t then you are better off finding someone else.Chemistry, no matter how strong it is, will not make up for someone who does not match your values and requirements.So, let’s talk about some guidelines for when to introduce sex into your new relationship.Suggesting you wait a little longer to have sex may not be a popular opinion, but I think the right relationship is worth the wait. You can’t wait to see each other again, you want to look your best, and your heart skips a beat when they text or call. You have all those “feel good” hormones racing through your body. You want to spend as much time together as possible.

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