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Please change the timezone to your locale by choosing your location from the drop-down menu.Bengaluru has largest internet penetration among the cities in the state.

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5) Calling someone names could also be brought within the ambit of being grossly offensive or having menacing character 6) Posting pictures of a person in uncomplimentary situations and environments could also be said to be grossly offensive or having menacing character.8) Using vernacular bad words in English alphabets could also qualify as grossly offensive or having menacing character.9) Threatening somebody with consequences for his life, apart from being separate offences, could be also construed as information which is grossly offensive or menacing.The complainant explains which words, gestures, signs or the images that are used online were offensive or threat to the nation or someone’s life.” Once the FIR is filed, the case goes to cyber cell for further investigation.If the person is found guilty, then depending on the nature of the complaint, the punishment is awarded.17) E-mail containing fake recruitment offers to unsuspected members of the public, could also qualify as an offence under Section 66A. We enquired with the three out of seven DCPs and a Cyber Crime officer in charge of Bengaluru city about the basis for deciding whether a post is just a comment or an offence.

All of them had one answer: It depends on the nature of the complaint filed. T D Pawar, DCP of Bangalore South-East zone said: “We decide what sections are to be imposed, based on the nature of the complaint lodged in the FIR.

16) Further, misleading the addressee or recipient about the origin of such messages, e.g.

sending e-mails and SMSs in the name of Reserve Bank of India for big lotteries, could also invite the provisions of Section 66A.

In case of social networking sites like Facebook, they seek help from Interpol (CBI), Delhi to ask details from the service provider whose services were used by the victim to post or send complaints.

Therefore the entire investigation is at the mercy of the service providers who may or may not provide details.

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