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Later, Ridge entered the bedroom, and Brooke strode out of the bathroom in a white corset teddy and robe.

The lovebirds, who are parents to two daughters together, celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on October 17.Justin Hartley hit the carpet with his new wife actress Chrishell Stause, who he married on Saturday night.The This Is Us actor looked handsome in a burgundy blazer with matching trousers, adding a white button up, a black tie and David Yurman watch.He made the knocking noise again, and Brooke huffed. Draping her arms around Wyatt's neck, she wondered if she could think of anything that could cheer up Wyatt.Ridge concluded that knocking or no knocking, Stephanie had blessed the marriage. Ridge said he loved Brooke, and she replied that she loved him. At Katie's house, Wyatt sadly shoved a bouquet of flowers into a bag. "Not likely at the moment," Wyatt replied, pulling himself away. Wyatt wanted to discuss their relationship -- "or whatever this is." Wyatt had been thinking about them a lot lately. He said she drove him crazy, and she asked him to show her how crazy he was about her.Brooke cooed about it being the happiest day of her life. Brooke didn't think it was necessary because she'd make the rest of their lives into one long honeymoon.

She was thrilled that they'd been surrounded by family and that they'd had a positive effect on their loved ones. descended the stairs and apologized when he saw that he was interrupting his parents as they kissed on the sofa. wanted them to know that he appreciated what they'd done that day. Ridge promised that his happiest days would be shared with her.

Ridge said that it had been Brooke's effect on everyone, and as far as he was concerned, she'd become the family matriarch. Brooke and Ridge claimed it was fine because they'd just been discussing the wedding. Ridge said he and Brooke knew, and the threesome hugged. An instrumental played over a montage of Brooke and Ridge making love. Ridge "yeah-yeah"ed Brooke, but Brooke persisted, explaining that she'd had a conversation with Stephanie.

Ridge wondered how she got more beautiful and sexier every year. There was no one she wanted more than him, and she said the feeling he experienced was her desire for him.

Mila's hairstylist Renato Campora styled her short brunette locks sleek with a deep side part, using Schwarzkopf Professional products to create the chic style.

She finished off her glamorous ensemble with smokey eye makeup, pink lipstick and rosy blush on her cheek bones.

The two reflected on the wedding, and Ridge said it had been as if Stephanie had been there. "Stephanie, if you're here with us, knock twice," Brooke said. Brooke then asked Stephanie to knock twice if she approved of the marriage.

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    Perhaps one of the happiest events during his pontificate was his arrival at Rome of four Japanese ambassadors on 22 March, 1585.