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And I think this might be true, but I’m not sure, because I’m not sure I’m objective enough to judge.Another reason might be that I don’t like how they introduce religion to her, she thinks about it for a few days, and is suddenly converted. Conversion (in my opinion, and experience), doesn’t work like this.

Do you like it, hate it, feel indifferent toward it?

After all, in real life that’s a legitimate concern for most of my friends, and one I respect.

It was something I certainly took into account when dating people.

I want to heal psychologically because I see the struggles in my generation are getting worse than ever before.

I want to help others so badly it breaks my heart some nights. Because I also dream to be a mother, a wife, and a doctor at the same time.

Those who have had a child, can't afford rent, so they live with their parents or a half dozen roommates.

The initial cost of their cars is less than monthly rent. We don't have what was easily attainable in previous generations, Dr. I want to work in your field, I'm working to become a doctor.

What I didn’t realize until I was five or six chapters into the first book is that these are not just romantic suspense novels. Or maybe you’re glad you can’t.) Anyway, this part of my disgust is understandable, since I don’t think someone is going straight to Hell just because they haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior before they die.

The first real focus on religion in the book, however (and the first time I wanted to throw it across the room), was when the male lead was hesitant about dating the female lead because she didn’t share his beliefs. It didn’t totally surprise me, because it was the first time I realized it was a religious book, and I generally get frustrated and annoyed by religious fiction.

The American Dream for a millennial is just to be able to have what they had; not extra, not comfort, not a lavish lifestyle, but just a home and a family to live in it.

So many of my married friends have been held back from having a child because they can hardly afford their rent.

I have a simple dream that I wish was possible to attain without such hardship.

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