Consolidating deliquent student loans

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Consolidating deliquent student loans - dating sites victoria australia

However, with the way the law is currently written, this is impossible.I’m not terribly familiar with Con Serve, but it looks like .

This entails getting in touch with the lender to verify that the information is accurate.It might be worth your time to reach out to your elected representative and share your story.The more stories that get told, the more likely they will be to act.I have been paying on time for years but the current loan owner, Con Serve, refuses to update my credit report to show I’m paying. Luckily those are federal loans but obviously I real problem.I have already gone through forbearance and put my loans on an income-based plan.Even though your private loans can’t be combined with the federal loans, it doesn’t mean that consolidation can’t help you.

Consolidating your private loans can result in a lower interest rate or a longer period of time to repay the loans.

I am now delinquent 2 months with Conserve as I’m trying to stay current with Sallie Mae..

When you combine a private loan with a federal loan, the new consolidated loan becomes a massive private loan… It would be great if we could take our pesky private loans and get the perks, such as income based repayment, of the federal loans.

Many lending institutions, especially banks, won’t even look at you if you’re self-employed.

If you plan on being self-employed consider a corporation because you can be “employed” by the corporation, however please note that even with a corporation it generally takes at least 2-3 years of consistent income before most lending institutions are ready to talk to you again. For credit cards that are “maxed” out or have balances above the 25% rule of thumb, and you have no way of reducing the balance, fortunately there are other means to bring their ratios to more preferred levels.

Doing one or both of these will lower your monthly expenses (but be warned, if you extend the life of the loan without getting a lower interest rate, much more of your monthly payment will be going towards interest).

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