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Open hostilities between the two rivals broke out in 312, and Constantine won a decisive victory in the famous Battle of the Milvian Bridge .10 This made Constantine the sole ruler of the western half of the empire. Constantine the Great was the first Roman ruler to become a Christian, and under his rule Christians were able to worship freely.When Diocletian and Maximian announced their retirement in 305, the problem posed by the Christians was unresolved and the persecution in progress. Bridgeman Art Library, London/New York Constantine the Great was born Flavius Valerius Constantinus at Ni?

Also on this occasion, the two emperors formulated a common religious policy. III SOLE RULER A struggle for power soon began between Licinius and Constantine, from which Constantine emerged in 324 as a victorious Christian champion.There, too, in 307, he married Maximian's daughter Fausta, 7 putting away his mistress Minervina, who had borne him his first son, Crispus. Le développement urbain de Constantinople (IV e-VII esiècles). He was the founder of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul), which remained the capital of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire until 1453.8 Trier's "Kaiserthermen" (Imperial Baths) and Basilica (the aula palatina ) give evidence to this day of Constantine's residence in the city. Constantine the Great Constantine the Great was the first emperor of Rome to convert to Christianity.At the same time the Senate and the Praetorian Guard in Rome had allied themselves with Maxentius , the son of Maximian . During his reign, Christians, previously persecuted, gained freedom of worship.On 28 October 306 they proclaimed him emperor, 9 in the lower rank of princeps initially, although he later claimed the rank of Augustus. He gave huge estates and other gifts to the Christian church.His victory at the Milvian Bridge counts among the most decisive moments in world history, while his legalization and support of Christianity and his foundation of a 'New Rome' at Byzantium rank among the most momentous decisions ever made by a European ruler. He admitted bishops to his council, and his laws concerning the treatment of slaves and prisoners show the influence of Christian teachings.

The fact that ten Byzantine emperors after him bore his name may be seen as a measure of his importance and of the esteem in which he was held. "Maximinus und Paulinus: Zwei Trierer Bischöfe im vierten Jahrhundert," Trierer Zeitschrift 59 (1996) 119-80. Regesten der Kaiser und Päpste für die Jahre 311 bis 476 n. However, he put to death his oldest son, Crispus, and his second wife, Fausta.

Constantine and Maxentius , although they were brothers-in-law, did not trust each other. He established a capital in the eastern provinces, naming it Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey).

Their relationship was further complicated by the schemes and consequently, in 310, the death of Maximian . Hulton Getty Picture Collection II EARLY LIFE Arch of Constantine The Arch of Constantine, Rome, was completed in 315 to commemorate Constantine the Great’s victory over an Italian rival, which made Constantine the absolute monarch of the Roman Empire.

12 Twenty-five years later Eusebius gives us a far different, more elaborate, and less convincing account in his Life of Constantine .13 When Constantine and his army were on their march toward Rome - neither the time nor the location is specified - they observed in broad daylight a strange phenomenon in the sky: a cross of light and the words "by this sign you will be victor" ( hoc signo victor eris or ). This god was thought to be the companion of the Roman emperor.

During the next night, so Eusebius' account continues, Christ appeared to Constantine and instructed him to place the heavenly sign on the battle standards of his army. Constantine's adherence to this faith is evident from his claim of having had a vision of the sun god in 310 while in a grove of Apollo in Gaul.

"Imperator", "caesar", "flauius", "Valerius", "Aurelius", "constantinus Pius Felix Inuictus Augustus", "Germanicus Maximus", "Sarmaticus Maximus", "Gothicus Maximus", "Medicus Maximus", "Britannicus Maximus", "Arabicus Maximus", "Adiabenicus Maximus", "Persicus Maximus", "Armeniacus Ma..." Son of Constantinus Chlorus, Emperor of Rome Husband of Minervina; Flavia Maxima Fausta and Fictitious Mistress of Constantine the Great Father of Flavius Julius Crispus Caesar; Constans I, Roman Emperor; Constantius II, Roman Emperor; Flavia Constantia Augusta; Flavia Helena Konstantin I (født 27. mai 337), også kjent som Konstantin den store, var romersk keiser fra 25. Han er mest kjent som den første kristne keiseren i Romerriket, og som grunnlegger av byen Konstantinopel. His powerful personality laid the foundations of post-classical European civilization; his reign was eventful and highly dramatic. (See also Byzantine Empire; Istanbul.) Constantine ruled as a despot, surrounded by Oriental pomp.

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