Css keeps validating 100

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Css keeps validating 100 - dating filmmakers

In this guide we cover the basics in a (hopefully) easy-to-understand manner, perfect for the absolute beginner.

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Generally, matching pairs of tags surround the section of text which they affect.

The “hyper” concept of internal and external linking was so revolutionary to the way content is organized on the internet that the word shows up in a number of places: HTML is used for almost all web pages. HTML documents are rendered by a a web browser (the application you are using to read this page).

HTML rendering hides all the tags, and changes the display of the rest of the content based on what those tags say it should look like.

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language, a format for creating documents and web pages.

It was originally invented in the early 1990s by Tim Berners-Lee, and was based on an earlier markup language called SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), which was was based on an earlier format simply called GML (Generalized Markup Language) developed at IBM in the 1960s.

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This chapter introduces HTML, the language used to author web pages, and provides a little background regarding its history and the reason it is used.These inline matching pairs of style declarations are called tags, and something like this is the basis of almost every markup language.But this format shown above isn’t HTML, its just a little made-up example.Unless you plan to become a web developer, and build pages from scratch, you don’t need to know all the intricate details of HTML.If you are just using a blogging platform, a site builder, or a Content Management System (CMS) set up by someone else, you may be able to get by without knowing any HTML — there are “graphic” editors available that make adding content to a blog similar to writing in Microsoft Word or email.Some of the words are larger or smaller, some are italicized or in bold, some are a different color or a different font.

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