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Lateral violence on the other hand, undermines and attacks identity, culture and community. That’s an enriched environment..many other environments, including Koorie organisations are environments of poverty...cultural poverty, social poverty and in environments of enrichment people can grow and flourish’. ‘It affects the way I walk the land, having seen so much violence. This model distinguishes between cultural awareness, cultural safety and cultural security which Coffin argues have been inappropriately interchanged.In this Chapter I will be looking at ways to establish an environment that ensures: The concepts of cultural safety and security are illustrated through a selection of case studies highlighting promising practices that are occurring both within our communities and in partnership with government. Under this conception an organisation cannot progress to cultural security without first addressing cultural safety and cultural awareness.

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For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples a culturally safe environment is one where we feel safe and secure in our identity, culture and community. ‘I felt outcast and alone in all white environments’. Cultural Security recognises that this is not an optional strategy, nor solely the responsibility of individuals, but rather involves society and system levels of involvement.

‘Increased understanding, increased empathy, decreased apathy, decreased racism in the mainstream community’. VACCA conceives of cultural safety as re-claiming cultural norms and creating environments where Aboriginal people transition; first from victimhood to survivors of oppression, through to seeing themselves and their communities as achievers and contributors.

This approach is deliberate; you have to understand the ‘why’, that is, have a big picture view of a problem and solutions, before you can go about the ‘how’ of implementing a response.

Naming lateral violence becomes an action of prevention.

As I have said in Chapter 2, we know that the conversation around lateral violence is not an easy one.

These case studies are an opportunity to give some recognition to communities and organisations that are innovating in the field of lateral violence.

But it is also more than an exercise in celebration and recognition.

We are kicking goals, opening doors and breaking through the glass and brown ceilings.

And, yet, the times when we wholeheartedly and unanimously celebrate these achievements are relatively few.

However, I also believe that communities inherently hold the best solutions to their own problems.

This is the strengths-based approach that I am always advocating.

Cultural safety encapsulates the relationships that we need to foster in our communities, as well as the need for cultural renewal and revitalisation. Security: ‘I am going to write a note to Johnny’s family and ask the Aboriginal Health Worker (AHW) to deliver and explain it.

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