Dangers of internet dating guardian

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Companies such as Facebook and Google were able to warp their own social media protocols and Internet searches to insidiously favor progressive agendas and messaging.If the left feared that the tech billionaires were becoming robber barons, they also delighted in the fact that they were at least left-wing robber barons.

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Behind the veneer of a cool Apple logo or multicolored Google trademark are scores of multimillionaires who live one-percenter lifestyles quite at odds with the soft socialism espoused by their corporate megaphones. Instead of acting like laissez-faire capitalists, the entrenched captains of high-tech industry seem more like government colluders and manipulators.Les multinationales géantes du numérique semblent à la manière des « barons voleurs« du 19e siècle américain …Concentrer tous les pouvoirs et écraser toute concurrence sur leur passage …So it is with changing attitudes toward Silicon Valley.For the last two decades, Apple, Google, Amazon and other West Coast tech corporations have been untouchable icons.The public faces put on by West Coast tech leaders have not helped.

For years, high-tech grandees dressed all in hip black while prancing around the stage, enthralling stockholders as if they were rock stars performing with wireless mics.

Ten years ago, a carefree Mark Zuckerberg seemed cool.

Now, his T-shirt get-up seems phony and incongruous with his walled estates and unregulated profiteering.

Liberals are under pressure from their progressive base to make Silicon Valley hire more minorities and women.

Progressives wonder why West Coast techies cannot unionize and sit down for tough bargaining with their progressive billionaire bosses.

Attention: des barons voleurs peuvent en cacher d’autres !

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