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One of the RCMP's five strategic priorities is to reduce youth involvement in crime, whether as victims or offenders.

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It is important that young people have the opportunity to provide their perspective on issues that affect them since they are believed to be key players in the prevention of crime in communities.Our shared and unique history with Canada's Indigenous peoples provides an environment in which we can work collaboratively to improve community health and wellness.We are committed to continue building upon these relationships as we encourage, sustain and foster honest and open dialogue among our Indigenous partners.For more information please contact [email protected] Contributing to safer and healthier Indigenous communities is one of the five strategic priorities of the RCMP.Delivering culturally competent police services provides the foundation necessary to build relationships and partnerships with the more than 600 Indigenous communities we serve.This program provides education and awareness to officers working with youth on the causes of youth crime and victimization and what police officers and youth can do to prevent it.

The RCMP's Centre for Youth Crime Prevention website provides police officers and adults working with youth with tools and resources to assist them in their interactions with youth in schools and the community.

Understanding their perspective enables police officers to interact more effectively with and better understand youth.

The RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee brings together youth from all over Canada to discuss important issues that they face in their respective communities, while providing valuable input to the RCMP's policies, programs and strategies.

The RCMP believes that long-term prevention of youth crime and victimization can only be accomplished in partnership with the community.

For this reason, the RCMP works closely with local organizations and social services so that young people who come into contact with the police, as either victims or offenders, receive the help they need to overcome the challenges in their lives.

Using an intelligence-led, integrated approach, the RCMP is focusing its activities on reducing the threat and impact of organized crime.