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(08/13/2012) I somehow screwed up with the site update AGAIN?Why do these thing *always* happen when I leave the country? ) and lost track of which advance comics were actually uploaded and which needed to be scanned over the weekend (doi, what a lame excuse).

So if you read it after Feb 14, you saw two duplicate strips in a row.Sluggy Freelance, Dinosaur Comics, Dilbert, or even (wait for it) XKCD! Twelve years old your webcomic gets, repeat yourself you will. So we haven't made a big deal about it, but about six months ago, I sold my share in Keenspot to the Crosbys.And as of July 2008, I am no longer providing technical support for them.In the process, I even found two strips that were missing from the archives for some reason (they existed before! So if you happen to find yourself taking a stroll through memory lane and you encounter any missing, mislabeled, or missized strips from the last 19.5 years, please let me know. (05/21/2013) Seems like that's the only news I post anymore. I actually actively avoid reading Ph D because I know we're going to end up making fun of the same things and I don't want it to influence my humor (or prevent me from being able to make jokes without it becoming copycatting). This morning, I'm sitting in the airport lounge in Oslo, awaiting my flight back to California. I actually got to the airport three hours early just to sit here.That was a pretty painful decision for me--so painful, in fact, that it's not really possible for me to write a heart-rending sob story about my feelings in my news. I'm happy to answer anyone's questions about it, but thus far no one has been terribly interested. I intend on redesigning the site in the next few weeks (or, knowing me, months).

The bronze age of people caring about webcomics drama seems to be over. In the interim, a bunch of stuff will probably break. I noticed that now that I was no longer controlling the ads, Keenspot has been running a lot of annoying ads that overlay on top of the page content, which I have never allowed on my site.

Alexa ranks me at something like the 250,000th most popular site. (9/7/2009) So it took four days in a row of sleeping only three hours a night (actually during daylight), but I succeeded in inventing and installing one of the very first diagostics (indium activation to determiine D-D fusion neutron yield) on the very first fusion shot of the National Ignition Facility completely from scatch in just five days.

Then when browsing Boing Boing I ran across a site called What the Internet Knows About You. Sure, it was wrong by a factor of about three, but for something that didn't exist five days ago, it's a success just to deploy it. (8/15/2009) to Rochester Airport and Frontier Internet Provider for providing a comfy place to sit and free internet access in the airport. (3/14/2009) I'm happy that the world is becoming geekier every year and I see this salutation more and more.

, in which I've replaced every strip on the site with a consistent-width version (800 pixels), with proper titles and correct copyrights, etc. (01/21/2014) Hee hee, I just noticed the last eleven news items were about technical problems and I wanted to break the streak. Thought I would crank out another strip before my flight, but instead I think I'll have wine for breakfast. Seems that I accidentally uploaded Wednesday's strip again for Friday's. Thanks so much to everyone who's been notifying me when I screw up.

I actually spent quite a few months examining, sorting, and rescanning thousands of strips. Unfortunately, I'm in Norway at the moment and not checking my email often enough to catch these mistakes in as timely a manner as I'd like, but eventually, everything gets sorted out.

If you are David, or you know David, please email me at gav[at] Oh, and I may have made a comment or two about comics. (3/1/2010 A fan pointed out two identical Nukees strips in a row in February.

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    Castle On The Hill singer Ed donned a black T-shirt and slate grey jacket, teamed with black jeans for the duet, which also features Future.