Dating a marshall amplifier

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Pilot Electric Manufacturing Company also claimed to be "The World's Largest Radio Parts Plant" in the twenties and they did build all of the parts supplied with their kits.Some of the famous employees of Pilot were Robert Kruse, Alfred Ghirardi and John Geloso.

The Mac Donnell Ranges south of the lake intercept moist air masses crossing the region and efficiently deliver water and sediment to the lake and its surrounding alluvial plain.

All controls interact with each other making tuning sometimes tedious and demodulating SSB or CW signals requires the detector to be oscillating which increases the instability. "Super-Wasp" kit was available by late 1929 and sold for .50.

However, patience will be rewarded and it is fun to use a 1929 battery-operated receiver to monitor one of the many AM ham nets on 80 meters, especially when running the audio to a vintage horn speaker - talk about "broadcast quality audio" - well, 1929 style anyway! The tubes used were a type 24A cathode and screen grid tube for the RF amplifier, a cathode type 27 for the regenerative detector and two 27s for the AF amplifier.

Pilot's magazine "Radio Design" was always including updates along with suggestions for improving performance, consequently "Super-Wasp" receivers are sometimes found today having modifications or non-original parts.

The stock circuit used a type 22 screen-grid tube as an RF amplifier, a 201-A as a regenerative detector and a 201-A tube as the first AF amplifier and a UX-112A as the second AF amplifier.

Hum reduction was one of the reasons for the RC coupled AF stage.

Pilot also stipulated that only their own Pilotron tubes would perform correctly in the A. "Super-Wasp." Pilot plug-in coils are used for five tuning ranges covering 600kc up to 21.5mc.

The first AF amplifier was a resistance coupled amplifier while the second AF amplifier was transformer coupled along with an output transformer.

There was a considerable design effort put into the A. Super-Wasp to eliminate hum since most operation was going to be using earphones.

We describe lacustrine, fluvial and aeolian environments of the basin and report optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dates from representative sediments.

A long period of generally wetter conditions during most of the Pleistocene is represented by thick uniform lacustrine clay beneath and near Lake Lewis.

A complete coil set featured five coils each with color-coded handles for identification.

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