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In today’s gossip roundup: three affairs blossomed into public spectacles over the holiday, Kim Kardashian photographed her most cherished possession being held by her child, and Robin Thicke freaked out about a hotel room. Who knows what fuels it, guides it, creates it and tears it apart?

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E., we have head-scratching celebrity affairs to discuss.

Sure they used to maraud across Eurasia, pillaging villages and leaving nothing but fire and suffering in their wake, but that was back in an older time.

And it is insulting to all those people whose lives the dick riders, flopping into town on their enormous phalluses, irrevocably destroyed to so casually invoke them in a comment on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page. Ultimately the point is that, yes, Kim Kardashian posed her baby for this photo and posted it to the Internet to illustrate her most glorious year.

And while we may take issue with the medium, we cannot argue with the message. []Robin Thicke, who has been trolling Kirk Cameron for years now with his popular (and sexually suggestive) music (“I’m his REAL son, sucker!!

” has been the hidden message), ended his 2013 with a bang. And what’s all this fruit and champagne doing here, I didn’t order this! There are people homeless and starving, right here in this country! In fact he thought the room was too small, and threatened to pull of the performance if he wasn’t upgraded.

Kardashian is not possessed of that particular appendage, so I’m not really sure what these fans are supposed to be riding.

And two, there haven’t been true dick riders in centuries.But many others are supportive, with only a few naysayers.One such commenter wrote the following: “I don't care what the fuck you dick riders say she trying so hard to be like @beyonce.” Which, sure, that person is probably not wrong the Beyoncé comparison (a rhyming one no less! There is definitely a whiff of Beyoncé-related aspirationalism in pretty much everything Kim has done of late. For one, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe there is explicit that Ms.[Even more mysterious are the unknown beaux seen cavorting with Bethenny Frankel and Demi Moore this past holiday week.They were not all together, it was not some mystery double date.No, silly, it’s a reference to Kim Kardashian’s big year!