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Later migrations to the area brought ethnicities such as the Purépecha, the Mixtecs, the Maya and the Zapotecs who left traces on the local cultures as they established commercial centers around the 7th century.In the 8th century, Toltec influence was felt as they traveled the many trade routes through here in search of tropical bird plumage and amate paper.

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Olmec influences can be seen in cave paintings such as those found in Juxtlahuaca and well as stone tools and jade jewelry from the time period.

The Nahuas established themselves in Zacatula, Atoyac and Tlacotepec, later conquering the areas occupied by the Chontals and Matlatzincas.

By the 15th century, the territory of modern Guerrero state was inhabited by a number of peoples, none of whom had major cities or population centers.

Tourism is the single most important economic factor of the state and Acapulco’s tourism is important to the nation’s economy as a whole.

However, other sources of employment are scarce in the state, which has caused its ranking as number one in the emigration of workers to the United States.

Olmec influence remained with this culture, especially evident in the grouping of villages, construction of ceremonial centers and a government dominated by priests.

Later, the culture assimilated aspects of the Teotihuacan model, which included the Mesoamerican ball game .One distinctive feature of the peoples of this was the use of cotton garments.The Aztecs began making incursions in the Guerrero area as early as 1414 under Chimalpopoca as part of the conquest of the Toluca Valley.Incursions into the Tierra Caliente came around 1433 under Itzcoatl who attacked the Cuitlatecos settled between the Teloloapan and Cocula Rivers.By 1440, the Aztec Empire controlled the north of the state, or the La Montaña area.Geographically, the state is mountainous and rugged with flat areas limited to small mesas and the coast line.

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