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She also wants Walmart to create more full-time positions so workers can gain full-time benefits.

So I said, ‘Okay, well, I’ll call my attorney and I’ll have him fax you my medical restrictions.’ Well she stood up on the desk — and spit is coming out of this lady’s mouth — she said, ‘What are you doing? Some of their first aims, such as gaining more hours for workers and reforming the policy for pregnant workers, were recently achieved.“This shows what’s actually possible in terms of changing company policy through the pressure [OUR Walmart] has been able to exert and the publicity they have gained for their actions over the past couple of years,” said John Logan, a labor and employment studies professor at San Francisco State University.

This experiment took place only in Murray’s store in Maryland for about a year and a half, until last week when Walmart announced that the policy would be practiced across the country.

Workers can now look on their training computer terminals, select "scheduling" and pick shifts they want to cover.

“It wasn’t in the better direction, it was actually in a downward spiral,” she said.

“And I could see what it was doing to the workers.”Seeing coworkers in tears after being disciplined became more commonplace.

Murray said that even while low wages account for a large part of Walmart workers’ struggles, being able to gain more hours is at least a step that helps cover living costs.“I watched people who couldn’t even afford to buy Tylenol for their sick child, and that broke my heart. “Even with the 40 hours, our wages are so low, it’s still hard to make it.

And you’re working for one of the richest companies in the world? But it’s a start.”Logan agrees, and said the new policy should not be underestimated as it was an OUR Walmart demand from the beginning.“This was always an issue of central importance in saying that part of the reason so many Walmart employees live in conditions of dire poverty is that they can’t get enough hours.

Murray and her co-workers went to morning meetings to make sure their voices were heard on these issues, went on strike several times, and gained community support.

Facing increased pressure, the store eventually decided to give workers the opportunity to pick up extra shifts that weren’t covered.

They can’t work full-time even when they want to work full-time,” Logan said.

“And the unpredictable scheduling prevents them from taking a second job or going back to school or whatever issue they may face in terms of scheduling.”Murray said her and her fellow workers started a petition in her store nearly two years ago demanding more hours.

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