Dating cupid eve langlais

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Dating cupid eve langlais - christian dating online austin texas

I loved how she walked into his office strong, ready to kick some serious CEO butt and walked out weak kneed and blushing.

She starts a campaign agianst the company and its founder, little does she know that she is up against Cupid, in all his glory : PWell, the story is short, a fact i am greatful for, casue i wouldn't have finished it otherwise(i hate leaving a book half way however bad it might be, one of the curses of mine)it was a light read with lots of groping and loving.plot is..(shrug) Nothing beats the flirty fun you find reading something by Eve Langlais.I always squee when she releases something new and DATING CUPID definitely lived up to the excitement I felt when I received it.I kind of expected him to be a womanizer at first and was so grateful to learn that he wasn’t – he was the kind of man girls dream of marrying.Truthfully, he showed how amazing he was when all he could think of was attacking Roxanne and having his wicked way with her, but he wanted to know if what he was feeling was more so he gave her something to wear to stop him and froze the key. When his ex wife Psyche showed up, I was ready to slap her for trying to mess with what was happening but it wasn’t needed because Roxanne took care of it.nothing much, there are a couple of pages which try to get the readers to sympathize with the leads about their tragic past(Cupid's Ex-wife had poked him on the butt with one of his own arrows, come on!!

)They meet..instant chemistry well they are GODs(demi gods as in this case)so who am i to judge?

Can Roxanne overcome her fear and truly believe that he loves her wholeheartedly?

And when faced with the threat of Cupid’s arrow will true love triumph over treachery? One of the things I loved most about this story is Eve’s choosing to make Roxanne “real”.

When I’m reading a romance novel, it’s easy to picture the hunk of a man, all rippling muscles and yummy goodness.

He’s everything you fantasize about and you’re reduced to a drooling mess.

Maverick LOVED Roxanne’s body, he couldn’t wait to memorize each inch of her, trace the contours of her body with his hands and…