Dating for aspies

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Dating for aspies

I felt constantly guilty that I couldn’t do things ‘right’ and I know my exes felt just as bad. I also come from a small town and didn’t know anyone else with Asperger’s/autism.

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We started dating a few months later and it was so much easier than my previous relationships.Whilst she has suspicions that their daughter Belle might be somewhere on the autism spectrum due to her penchant for organisation, she insists that her soft-natured personality and intelligence are the things that make her most like her father.However, another woman reveals how throughout her 42-year marriage, she has struggled to come to terms with her husband’s Asperger’s, which was only diagnosed several ago.(If you want the maths, one percent of the population has autism, 1 in 10 of that number is female and roughly 50% of those females define themselves as heterosexual).To my knowledge, all my girlfriends have been neurotypical.We stuck it out for ten years and I think ultimately we were too nice to want to accept failure, so we both internalised most things and thought we were terrible people instead of just amicably calling it a day.

When we finally broke up I met someone at work who had Asperger’s Syndrome.Asperger's syndrome affects roughly 1 in 100 people in the UK, according to the NHS.Today’s article comes from a guest writer, an autistic woman who wishes to remain anonymous. Ellie’s got some very interesting things to say about autism and romantic relationships, and how, after years of struggling, she found a relationship that works for her.By managing her expectations and accepting her husband’s disorder, the anonymous wife insists that she is content in her relationship, but occasionally fantasises about the idea of a love affair.“From early childhood, people with Asperger’s syndrome are less likely to recognise and understand thoughts, beliefs, desires and intentions of other people in order to make sense of their behaviour,” writes Tony Attwood in , explaining how this will severely inhibit an Aspies’ ability to sustain successful relationships.My ex has also found a non-autistic girlfriend and is much happier now, so it’s worked out well for us both.

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