Dating for cougars

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She develops great expectations and embarks on a mission to transform you into her dream husband and father to her future kids.A Cougar has been married before, had a few kids and probably a failed marriage so the last thing she wants is a wedding.

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A lass who used to party Monday to Friday suddenly tones it down.A sugar mummy is smart enough to subtle influence you to becoming better without throwing tantrums or issuing ultimatums.An older lover is easier to deal with since you both clearly know what you gain from the relationship.This time, however, they’re older and wiser—more fully in control of their destinies, seeking companionship as they see fit and going after what they want.Overall, the ad’s empowering message should resonate, even if the disco/champers imagery seems a tad tacky (and calling men “cubs,” as the site blithely does, is almost too cutesy to bear).“Cougars tell us that the benefit of dating a younger man is that they are often more free-spirited,” says Quinn, “and that makes them feel appreciated, sexy and alive.”CREDITS Creative Director: Justine Galea Director: Jared Pelletier Producers: Mitch Cappe, Michael Chwastiak Director of Photography: Chris Lew Production Manager: Joel Schneider First Assistant Director: Rick Morris Color Grade Studio: Alter Ego VFX: Moonjump Music: Michele Wylen ft.She is a lot more understanding, rarely pressures you for a lifetime commitment, in fact, encourages you to live wild and free.2) Display high levels of maturity A cougar won’t bother you with unnecessary female trivialities.

She won’t get mad at you for forgetting your anniversary or sending her birthday wishes at 9 am instead of midnight.

Most times she is recently divorced therefore seeking validation that she is still sexy and what’s a better way of doing that than hitching an effervescent young lover?

The following are 6 advantages of dating an older woman!

“Our new branding is more reflective of the way our members describe actual Cougar relationships and their own attitudes—confident and open to exploring new experiences.”There’s also some suggestion Cougar Life can help users recapture the spirit of their youth.

The ad’s opening scenes show women primping for their dates and giddily checking out dudes on their phones, perhaps reliving the anticipation and excitement of their college/clubbing years.

1) Most understanding Dating a young lady is exhilarating until she turns 25!

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