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Here’s the numbers that were working: (632) 834-4000 Manila hotline (632) 651-9436 DFA regional offices hotline (You can call here when you need to ask about other DFA regional offices’ hotline numbers) (045) 636-00-07 DFA Pampanga hotline Location: 2F Robinsons Star Mill City of San Fernando, Pampanga If you are going to apply for a new Passport, check this link: If you are going to renew your Passport, check this link: (Some requirements varies, depending on you Passport renewal situation) | On my situation, We just have to bring valid IDs and our soon-to-expire Passport.In DFA PAMPANGA, you don’t need to set an appointment.

Though it took awhile before he got an appointment through e-mail.

To all people who were asking me about the release dates, additional requirements, pendings or any other concerns that is beyond my knowledge will not get a reply.

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I am patiently dialing all of them until I got one.

Those DFA employees whom I spoke with gave numbers until I got DFA Pampanga Regional Office.On the other hand, If the applicant is a senior, infant or pregnant woman he/she can apply as a walk-in but they only accommodate such numbers of applicants for the day. Here is the link for the 2015 Application form (the site application form is not updated I am not too sure if they still form but you can use this as guide): DFA Passport Application Form Note: On the second page, you can read all the requirements and guide on how to apply.For those who wants to book an appointment on-line: CLICK HERE I am not affiliated to DFA or any Government agencies. Om jag ska vara ärlig så känns det lite jobbigt att socialisera mig med så mycket folk för jag mår ju fortfarande inte bra, men jag tror att de flesta kommer ha överseende med att jag kanske inte kommer vara mitt spralligaste jag. You’ll know tomorrow, and I also have a launch event in the evening for my fellow influencers and friends. Jag skulle vilja att jag och Aleks hittar på något, bara vi två. Imorgon får ni veta, och då har jag även lanseringsevent på kvällen för mina fellow influencers och vänner.They entertain walk-in applicants, so, better go there earlier to finish your application early. You can book an appointment through on-line, phone call or e-mail.