Dating hiv poz

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Dating hiv poz

Nowadays I know Clark runs some sort of Porn Bingo in Manhattan and since I live in Massachusetts fantasize about visiting NYC, going to one of those evenings where Will sees me and takes me back to his place where I fuck him a number times.To others I'd love to see naked in person are Mike Grant and Gus Maddox.

My best friend and I lived together and was the "downlow" bf of "straight" porn star Julian. It was hot to see but I walked away quietly every time.[italic]WEHT 'Scooter' (aka jeff)[/italic]A couple years ago I was in a bar in San Francisco on or near Folsom Street. He turns up frequently on David Forests' rent a whore site as being available."Wow, I'm shocked he's listed."R124 - did he say what it was like to sit on that monster of a cock that Julian has?but a good bottom Al Parker - I sucked his dick at a sex party, he was really short and not that into me (Oh well)Ray Harley - I fucked him at a sex party at IML in Chicago. Enrico Vega - sweet and very piggy gives amazing head and rims like a dream Donnie Russo - I think he would have sex with anyone who asked but is great sex. No judgements please, Enrico Vega has one of the top "foreskins I'd like to slide my tongue under".The scene near the end of "Passport to Paradise" has him working it over his dickhead as he shoots all over the dude he was fucking.It has been a number of years but here goes: Tino Lopez - a great experience about 8 years ago, and one that I still repeat about once or twice a year whenever he comes to NYC. Enrico Vega - most amazing sex machine EVER - but he kept wanting to bareback, lives on the UWS of Manhattan and now does bareback films, he looks rather sad. Very interesting evening: the guy is dumb as a rock, his fingers and toes are covered in some type of fungus, stunk of cheap cologne, he talked non stop about being a "super star," showed off his self-sucking skills, arrogant and tacky (each finger had a cheap ring on it.) He was the last person to leave. The sadness stemmed from a level of arrogance, ignorance and a need to try to impress strangers.OP, if ever there was a thread to name names, this is the one. I've had sex with several porn stars,and they have been anything but disappointing. The only actually good time was with Ty Hudson, who was genuinely enthusiastic, attentive, turned-on, and lovable. What he did not realize was that in LA, porn stars and hustlers are a dime a dozen -- more novelties than celebrities. made me feel like I was imposing on his time)Matt Sizemore (Really great in bed)Fredrik Ford (sex just ok)Chase Hunter (hot, hot HOT!!! From Military Classified, I've had sex with Wesley and Jake. He followed us back to my friends apartment and he put on a little solo show for us. I think he was trying to tease us and then ask to be paid. He thinks he's street smart but he has absolutely no smarts (street or otherwise)and would not stop talking about himself. Kind of had that Charlie Brown persona but he was just an annoying leach. I met Ricky Martinez at Micky's (gay bar)in West Hollywood.

I don't know how long they were together, but I hope he found some of that happy home life with him. the sex, a little perfunctory)Ted Matthews (the only porn star escort who was truly horrific in bed... I don't do that anymore.)There have been others-one I didn't recognize ,a friend told me when we bumped into him later. I guess that may have changed after his first stint in the slammer and now that he's in the big house a second time, he'll be a confirmed bottom when he gets out. He's one of those guys who is desperate to have a relationship with a woman. Friends and I met him last year at a club in Miami. I thought Ricky Martinez was sexy when I saw him in one of the "Trunks" movies and he calling this guy stud a whore. Loved every minute of it and would do it tomorrow if he were still working.

I was at one of those peep booths/video stores in Times Square looking through their VHS videos selection and this cute guy kept cruising me and trying to start up a conversation.

I was only there because I was killing time before meeting up with some former coworkers for dinner.

I imagined that if I bit them, cherry juice would squirt out. (It was a PSA for condoms and safe-sex, with some queen singing "friend in my pocket") and when J. His lover, John Murphy, died a month before he did. Aiden Shaw (some of the best sex I've ever had)Max Grand (one of the most truly beautiful bodies I've ever seen... sex good, not great)the late great Jon Vincent (nutty crazy and an absolute pig, sexwise... he was the super of the building)Arpad Miklos (so hot... I always thought MD was just stand and pose, some touching allowed but definitely no kissing and no oral or anal. He's a hot mess who would go to the Hillcrest bars and flirt with guys then run back to his girlfriend. He has a masters degree from an Ivy league school, an insatiable sex addict and great companion.

Back in the late 80's, ATKOL was sdvertising on one of the cable channels and they showed all the porn stars who had died of AIDS. I can't tell you how sad I felt, as if he were a personal friend. He liked some of the thrill of being in the limelight, but once that faded, he just wanted a simple life and a pleasant little home. We met at the Show Palace and I pretended not to recognize him. I've fooled around with Jack from Chaosmen, sort of. He then wanted money to go further because some rich guy in Escondido paid him for sex once. Then in the 90's with Jackson Phillips (screen name) several times in several cities.

I guess it was a welcome break for them from hustling the old men. I also had sex with Christopher Lance who is now supposedly dead.