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Firstly, these new bikes were made by the Korean bike manufacturing company, Samchuly, and feature a Samchuly logo on the frame.Frame: The frame’s under-bar is a straight diagonal downward slope, as opposed to the curving shape of the previous’ generations frame.

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As a way to confirm the inference, we examine the attitudes of recently activated Quaternary faults with respect to the current stress field.

Both sets of data show a comparable result of ENE–WSW maximum compression direction, which is in accord with the first order pattern of tectonic stress direction in the eastern Eurasian plate.

More rigorous analyses of in situ stress as well as the inversion of focal mechanism show that the current stress field exhibits a systematic heterogeneity in its orientations and magnitudes, possibly caused by the influence of faults.

This feature was added to warn nearby pedestrians, and to remind riders that they are riding too quickly and should reduce their speed.

This also serves as a reminder to riders that riding public bikes at above-normal speeds places an unnecessary burden on the bikes by creating abnormal wear and tear. They’re brand new, have fresh components, and a superior design.

The victims total 100,000, which the commission says is a conservative estimate.

One of the worst incidents preceded the Korean War, in 1948, when the new Syngman Rhee government installed in Seoul by the United States ordered its army to suppress a leftist revolt on Cheju Island. By early 1950 Rhee had about 30,000 alleged communists in his jails, and had about 300,000 suspected sympathisers enrolled in an official "re-education" movement known as the Bodo League.Out of the competing barrages of propaganda that have shrouded the 1950-53 Korean War, we are finally getting conclusive admissions that some of the worst atrocities, blamed at the time on the enemy, were in fact committed by our side - and we knew it.The commission is the legacy of Roh Moo-hyun, the former human rights lawyer and political liberal who was South Korea's president for five years until February.It was set up in December 2005, and operates with a staff of 240 and a budget of $US19 million (.7 million) a year, with the daunting task of opening up a century of hidden history.This covers the Korean resistance to the 1910-45 Japanese annexation of the country, political oppression during the postwar occupation when the Americans and Russians set up rival regimes in their zones, the Korean War, and the succession ofright-wing and military dictatorships that lasted in South Korea until the late 1980s.The new generation of Nubija bikes were rolled out during the first week of April.