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"Workplace romance is dropping the negative stigma that was associated with it in the past," the report read.

All of these things make it more likely that they'll fall for someone who doesn't live nearby." The web fuels the trend, too.

According to the center's web site, "The rise of Internet dating services predictably contributes to 'coast-to-coast couples' -- those who live on opposite ends of the nation and met on the web, but have a real, not just a virtual, relationship.

Look no further than Bill Gates and Melinda French for the answer, says Patricia Mathews, MBA, president of Workplace Solutions.

The founder of Microsoft met his wife, a Microsoft employee, at a company event in New York.

This list is not exhaustive, and is limited to notable, well-known sites.

The Alexa website rankings are from various time periods.But on average, long-distance couples see each other 1.5 times a month, according to center statistics.Such pairs include the two married academics who love their jobs and have lived apart for more than a decade; the spouse who accepted a foreign job assignment but didn't want to uproot the family; the high-powered, dual-career couple constantly on the move to advance in their jobs.You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.Your grandfather married the girl next door, and your mother tied the knot with her college sweetheart. But in the last half century, we've seen lots of changes: interracial and interfaith couples, gay and lesbian couples, and the older woman with the younger man -- a union that mirrors the older man-younger woman pairing."It appears that employees have become more open-minded about relationships between their colleagues." Most employers now permit office romances, even though they discourage it, the survey also discovered.

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