Dating services that cater to dog lovers

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Dating services that cater to dog lovers - andy and landry speed dating

The organization’s online webinars, newsletters, and forums provide useful information about basic dog etiquette, working dog tips, and other training issues.Plus, the APDT’s annual conference invites members to engage with one another in person and learn the latest research-based techniques relevant to the dog training field.

allows the hosts to review their canine guests as well.

"Make sure the dog sitter is knowledgeable about pets and has a fenced in yard that looks very safe.

The main thing would be safety of the dog, not being able to escape and its exposure to other dogs.", which collects 3-15% of the charge depending on the host's reviews and other factors, recently announced that it has raised .4 million from investors.

Fees start at around per day for smaller apartments with hosts who are dog lovers to much higher fees for dog trainers with large yards where dogs can roam.

Extra services, like a departure day bath, can often be had for an extra fee.

Owners also want to make sure the other dogs are current on their vaccinations.

"You definitely want to take your dog's own food with you because a change in food can cause a lot of gastrointestinal distress," said Hennessy, a Downingtown, Pennsylvania, veterinarian.also holds payment for three days after a home-stay has ended to allow the customer to make any complaints before payment is made.A pre-stay visit is a good idea, according to veterinarian Kim Hennessy, because you can see if a dog-sitter keeps a clean house or has too many animals.launched in March and already has had 6,000 people apply to be hosts across the country (1700 have been accepted so far).Similar to a dating site or Airbnb rental site, hosts fill out detailed profiles about their canine experience, including training, medical certification and licensing qualifications; the size and dog-friendliness of their homes and any resident dogs or other animals on site.Some hosts specifically will take puppies that aren't ready for their vaccinations yet and others will not take dogs that don't like children.