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From then on, the Grimaldi lords of Monaco tried to avoid such joint ownerships and divisions, and did so through clauses in their wills.

As described below, several successive families have in turn adopted the name and arms of Grimaldi.

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The flag of Monaco is based on the colors of these arms.

Monaco was part of Provence since 975, when Guillaume, comte de Provence, expelled the Arabs from the region.

They lost it in 1317, regained it in 1335, and soon begin to assert their independence.

They acquired Menton in 1346 and Rocquebrune in 1355, but lost everything in 1357, regained it in 1395, lost again in 1401.Jean left Monaco to his son Catalan, with remainder to Catalan's male issue by order of primogeniture.In case of default of Catalan's male issue women were called to succeed, on condition that the husband change his name and arms to those of Grimaldi.In 1191, Monaco was given to Genoa by the Emperor Henry VI, a donation confirmed by Frederic II in 12, and by the comte de Provence in 1262.On January 8, 1297 the Grimaldi, an exiled Genoan family, seized the fortress.Arab features include Arab photo galleries, an advice column, Arab chat rooms, Instant Messenger and much more.