Dating smith wesson 32 revolver

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It was introduced in 1896 and went through 7 major engineering changes before WWII halted production.

Moreover, it appears that the gun have been reblued at some time in its life - there are indications that it may have been polished, which usually indicates a reblue. The 6 1/2" barrel is a particularly desirable length.

Serial # is 34967 which is stamped on the butt, rear of the cylinder and B 34967 on the bottom of the barrel. No other potential model or serial numbers located.... Dear Mark Stop looking for a model number - your gun does not have one.

S&W did not assign model numbers to its hand ejector revolvers until 1957.

Inscription: Marked along the top of the barrel: SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS.

1871.; Marked on top of the cylinder frame: PAT'D APR. 18.1877.; Stamped on the inner face of the cylinder, the serial number: 94421; Stamped on the grip behind the trigger-guard: T over a globe symbol (symbolizing Tiffany's loans to the World's Columbian Exposition); TIFFANY & CO / STERLING / T (for 1891–1902); and a scratched inscription: 5 oz.

Prior to 1920, these guns were not heat treated and they will not tolerate the pressures produced in ammo currently loaded for Cowboy Action shooting, etc.

Regards, JP Mark Here are a couple other bits of information you might be interested in.

During the same period, S&W actually produced two different .32 caliber hand ejector revolvers.

One was the .32-20 series, like yours, built on the popular and enduring K frame.

What you have is a .32-20 Hand Ejector Model of 1905, and yours is a Second Change revolver (based on the serial number).

However, because it is in the "transition range" of serial numbers, it may be a First Change rather than a Second Change.

Condition is pretty worn, appears to be operational. ) that holds the cylinder in place, working on finding said screw.