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According to, Pinterest has become a key part of corporate digital marketing strategies.

An account can also be created and accessed by linking Pinterest to a Facebook or Twitter profile.They can follow other users' boards if they have similar tastes.The evolution of Pinterest is based on the shared interest of its users and relies on its members to produce the content.or be implemented by a webmaster directly on the website.Some websites include red and white "pin it" buttons on items, which allow Pinterest users to pin them directly.Noted entrepreneurs and investors include: Jack Abraham, Michael Birch, Scott Belsky, Brian Cohen, Shana Fisher, Ron Conway, First Mark Capital, Kevin Hartz, Jeremy Stoppelman, Hank Vigil, and Fritz Lanman.

Initially, there were several ways to register a new Pinterest account.

Pinterest said they want to keep their community "positive and respectful." Much of the service's early user base consisted of infrequent contributors.

The site's user growth, which slowed in March 2012, could pick up as the site's user base solidifies around dedicated users according to a com Score representative.

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest now lets marketers access the data collected on its users.

Technology providers including, Hootsuite, Spredfast, Percolate, Piqora, Curalate, and Tailwind are presently If a product has a high number of repins, this generally tells the producer of the product that it is well liked by many members of the Pinterest community.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann summarized the company as a "catalogue of ideas" that inspires users to "go out and do that thing", rather than as an image-based social network.