Dating violence schools

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Dating violence schools - motorcycle dating certificate

Comprehensive sex education provides age-appropriate and accurate information that goes beyond the standard heterosexual and cisgender lens on how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections by also addressing gender, relationships, consent, and issues affecting LGBTQ students.And it does all of this in a developmentally appropriate manner.

According to the CDC’s most recent data on schools’ approach to teaching students about relationships and abuse, 66.4 percent to 98.6 percent of schools across states addressed violence prevention that includes bullying and dating violence.Nicole Cushman, executive director of Answer, an organization that provides and promotes comprehensive sexuality education, said it is unclear from available national data what the quality of these programs are.“What that data doesn’t tell us is the quality of those conversations and the overall message that is being given,” Cushman said.But she said she hopes that educators’ recent focus on social-emotional learning, which teaches social competencies that include decision-making skills, maintaining positive relationships, and managing emotions, will address issues around teaching kids about healthy relationships.“Schools are devoting more time and energy to curricula that encourage empathy and compassion, and that’s what we’re really talking about here.Yet, schools often fail to develop clear policies on addressing dating violence and there is a great deal of variability in how schools teach students about healthy relationships and what constitutes abuse.

A recent study in the peer-reviewed journal found that only 35 percent of public school principals who participated in the study addressed dating abuse in violence prevention policies.“That’s why we go back to what we hear from young people, and they tell us that their concerns aren’t really being addressed — that sex ed feels scary, mechanical, or biological, and it’s really narrowly focused on disease prevention and often very fear-based.Cushman said comprehensive sex education is key to teaching students about dating violence and preventing dating violence."Anytime we’re talking about our students and their safety, that’s of high importance to us," he said."We try to be very proactive in how we provide resources and support systems to kids."In 2010, the Indiana General Assembly passed a law requiring the Indiana Department of Education to develop dating violence educational materials and model policies for responding to and reporting incidents of teen dating violence. Todd Bess, executive director of the Indiana Association of School Principals, said dating violence hasn't been a topic of conversation for the organization's membership but that principals do take student safety seriously.

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